Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm back...kicked up a notch

We've had a rough few weeks around here and anything non-essential to getting through the day was put on hold, including this blog and the budget that comes with it. But I'm happy to say that I'm back. Instead of trying to play catch up from what I've not posted I'm just going to start with this week's menu and shopping list. 

Also I am going to start posting my recipes daily. I thought that would be a better format for the blog. I'm also starting a new fitness program and along with it an eating program that requires a specific number of portions from the different food groups. At first I was pretty concerned that this will affect my budget grossly. If you have ever looked at a meal plan for a fitness program they want you to eat things like Salmon, Halibut and Swordfish all in one week (which is exactly what they suggested in my guide book). Well I decided to take the "Portion approach" to my food plan. That means that I will be making my own menu based on the number of portions from each food group I'm supposed to eat and what's on sale that week. I'm determined to keep my budget at $50 and prove that you can eat healthy and follow a fitness plan type diet and not break the bank. 
I guess my blog just got kicked up a notch!

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